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Toasted Gin

We created this small batch craft gin to elevate your mixed drinks and cocktails to new levels. The selected aromatic botanicals like allspice, horsetail, orange and acorn give Toasted Gin herbal and zesty notes with just a whiff of delicate toasted smoke. Bottled at a higher strength this gin will show its virtues, whether you drink it neat, in a mixed drink or cocktail of choice. Drink responsibly, get Toasted!

You can get Toasted at these great bars in Ghent: Giri, De Alchemist, Gouts&Couleurs and Café Bornhem.

“It’s well made, it has a good amount of juniper-berries & it’s classic and therefore a real gin therefore it scores a shiny golden 91/100 GinUrWayMedal” – Gin Ur Way UK

“Nice and creamy nose on juniper, horsetail, white chocolate, citrus fruits and grass. It has a nice touch of toasted oak, which immediately lives up to the name. Full-bodied and velvety. Now I get more citrus fruit than on the nose, but also nice floral notes and something sweet that somehow reminds me of cuberdons. Again nicely spicy too. Quite peppered. Very creamy. In the finish the dash of woodsmoke returns, which pleasantly surprises me and makes it nice and warm.” – Mark Dermul / Whivie

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